On the Brink

I don’t know, but there may be many that are like me that feel we are on the Brink of a major shift.  Conscious Convergence, which I have changed and call it Consciousness Conversion is dated for this weekend of 2010, the 17th and 18th of July.  Recently, I have continued to learn because of exposure to focused literature about the power of Intention.   Because I am experiencing Lifesituations that are contrary to any of my desires, to iterate, these experiences are displaying themselves constantly to the point of overwhelming moments.    My Brain is bombarded then by thoughts that seem to carry on an egotistic approach to the things that I don’t like, and because of my observance to my thinking, a constant catching myself exists until I can refocus the thoughts to ones that cause me to feel better.

Out of all of this, somehow I have maintained my perspective reality of my intention to Ascend.  Can anyone else gather that I want out of here?  I can’t stand the violence.  I can’t stand the pollution.  I can’t stand the money.  I can’t stand the way one has to work to get the money.  Everything that man has created on planet Earth is soooo unsuiting to my character, that I have confined myself into a much smaller space so that I can feel any joy, comfort, or relief.

At the same time, I do not define myself a rebel, for I am always trying to replace the thing that is contrary, with what I really do want, but I am then, at the same time unable to align myself with it, to see it come to any fruition.  I don’t know if one could call that trying to rebuild by putting the focus on that, instead of tearing down.  I just continue on my merry way while man dumps his oil on the oceans of planet earth.  I just can’t stand it anymore!

So are we, not just the Earthlings, but the Solar System, the Galaxy, the Universe(s), on the Brink of a major shift?  As an Earthling with a Penis, am I experiencing a birthing pain(s) that Non-Penised Earthlings have always known about, but unable to share it?  It has become so complex that I do not know what to do?   None of us knows what to do, if you ask me!

I can only say that if one hundred thousand million billion planets with all their inhabitants are pushing against me (which is what it seems like), none of them can have an effect unless I resist them.  By resisting, pushing against, I am allowing the vibration of all of it into my perspective reality, and it shifts my intention.  It shifts my perspective reality.  It changes my vibration.  Can anyone be that focused in the times we currently live in?

It comes down to Integrity.  It comes down to the truth.  It comes down to Authenticity. It comes down to Forgiveness.  And all of this is Up…..to me.  And it is up to each Earthling for them to accomplish any of the aforementioned to accomplish a shift to resemble anything of where we want to really go.

Keep on raising Consciousness, even if it is from the experience of Contrary LifeSituaions. Keep then, on Ascending and not looking back, forgive that moment, come to the NOW, and Forgive the Future, so that you can let that go if you have to.

On the Brink of Shifting.  May all the LifeSituations be Strewn with Auspicious Blessings.


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